The best way to appreciate and truly experience a new place is to immerse oneself in its culture. This enables a traveler to become an actual participant instead of a mere bystander. As true connoisseurs, we at TM2TW present culture enthusiasts with a plethora of choices to ensure that you experience the local way of life.

Begin your journey of unraveling the different cultures as you experience traditions, customs, music, dance, art forms and food. Get lost in the power and rhythm of the famed Haka - the traditional war dance of the Maori or take a weaving lesson from the renowned silk weavers of Banaras.

Weddings and festivals are the main showground to observe a community’s culture. Witness a vibrant and colorful Indian wedding or celebrate the Hornbill Festival with the tribals of Nagaland as they showcase their rich heritage. To further enrich your experience, stay for a night in a village to really comprehend how culture plays out in everyday living.

Gorge on the world famous roast lamb of New Zealand or the delectable butter chicken of Punjab and then head to the by-lanes and street corners to savor the real flavors of the city. Don the Chef’s hat for a more satisfying and fun filled gastronomic experience. Learn how to make oven fresh Kashmiri bread or pick vegetables at an organic farm near Napier for a farm fresh meal.

And as you experience a place’s culture, a culture through which the people identify themselves, it will bring you closer to truly understanding them as people and a country.

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