Family Joy

Family vacations renew connections and bonds besides being a great way of experiencing and learning new things together. However, for a truly memorable holiday, ensure that you do something which each one of you enjoys. And at TM2TW, we guarantee that you will never run out of options to choose from.

Induce the love of nature in your children by engaging them in activities around nature. Get thoroughly drenched as you and your family give the elephants at the Elephant Training Camps in Karantaka a good scrub down! Now wouldn’t that be fun? Or introduce your children to farm life, the Kiwi way at the Rangitikei Farmstay where they can play with the farm animals, enjoy a farm tour and witness demonstrations of sheep mustering & shearing. Let intoxicating aromas infuse your senses as you take your children around plantations to identify different spices, pluck tea leaves and pick coffee beans.

Are your children fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings? Watch their eyes shine with excitement as you take a tour of the Hobbiton Village and meet the hobbits, elves, dwarfs and Gandalf the Gray of Middle Earth! Enjoy a lazy picnic on the banks of the Betwa River in picturesque Orchha as you take in the spectacular view of the soaring temple spires and cenotaphs scattered throughout the area or set sail around New Zealand’s stunning coast line for one day or several. Experience the thrill of catching a fish and the pleasure of making a family meal of your prize catch.

Good news for the cricket lovers! Surprise your children with a coaching session with the former Black Caps all-rounder Jacob Oram followed by a match with the local team.

Make your children culturally conscious as they gain fascinating insights into the different cultures of the world. Regale them with the most famous stories of the Rajput’s riches and valor as you visit the rugged forts and beautiful havelis (mansions) which the stories speak of or make history fun with heritage walks around the old city center of Galle which unveil its glorious past.

Create fond memories as a family together; memories that you can recall and laugh about as the years go by.

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