Nature Lover

Nature’s magnificence- the myriad colors of a sunset or a roaring waterfall, the wild vastness of the desert or the grandeur of a mountain range washes one with a sense of calm and peaceful solitude. Its beauteous charm works its spell on you while its sheer magnitude amazes you.

We at TM2TW have the perfect expeditions planned to nature’s lap and beyond for you. Want to discover one of India’s most secluded regions? Embark on the Sham Valley trek and watch as the gorgeous scenery of quaint Ladakhi villages, ancient monasteries, and luscious apple and apricot orchards unfold before your eyes. An exhilarating cruise to Milford Sound lets you take in the dramatic rise of the fiord's cliffs, the cascading waterfalls and the mountain peaks as they scrape the sky.

New Zealand is also home to some of the world’s best geothermal sites-watch bubbling mud pools and geysers of boiling water shoot up in the air in Rotorua or gaze in wonder at the Punakaiki pancake rocks and blowholes, where columns of water shoot skyward from rocks that resemble giant stacks of pancakes.

Love making friends on a holiday? Make some from a different species here with us! Swim with the dolphins, intelligent and loving creatures who enjoy human company in Kaiteriteri or pay a visit to one of New Zealand’s rarer residents – Manukura, the little white Kiwi bird. Experience the bone-chilling thrill of watching one of the most powerful predators- the majestic Bengal Tiger - in action in one of their last remaining natural habitats in the Ranthambore National Park.

Feel the presence of something more majestic, eternal and significant than us. Come and be awed by the mystery and power of nature.

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